Top-Rated MPPT Solar Charge Controllers in 2022

In this article, we examine six mid-range MPPT solar charge controllers suitable for solar power setups with capacities up to 2kW. These controllers are budget-friendly and work with lower voltage ranges of 100-150V. 

They are typically compatible with 12V or 24V battery systems, although some can work with 48V systems. Many of these controllers come with built-in terminals for managing simple DC loads like lighting.

Without further ado, they’re as follows:

EPever TRIRON Series

Founded in 2007, EPever is a major Chinese maker of cost-effective power products, including a variety of MPPT solar charge controllers. 

The TRIRON series represents an upgrade over their previous Tracer models. These new controllers offer customizable display and interface modules and support RS485 communication for various applications. 

The maximum photovoltaic (PV) voltage ranges from 100V to 150V depending on the model. You can easily navigate the five-button display and even opt for wireless access via Bluetooth or WiFi adapters for remote monitoring.

Victron SmartSolar

Netherlands-based Victron Energy is a global leader in power electronics. They produce a wide range of equipment for off-grid energy systems. 

Victron’s solar charge controllers range from 10A PWM models to high-performance 100A MPPT units that can handle up to 250V. While these controllers may lack built-in displays, they excel in MPPT tracking performance and communication features. 

They offer advanced system monitoring through Bluetooth and provide the option for remote firmware upgrades.

Outback BN Series by EPever

Also manufactured by EPever, the Outback Power Flexmax40 is alternatively known as the Tracer BN series. It’s a high-performance, more expensive controller with added features, including a maximum input voltage of 150V. 

Despite lacking a display, users can monitor the system via an optional remote MT50 display. Bluetooth connectivity is also available.

EPever XTRA Series

Also known as EPsolar, EPever introduced the XTRA series in early 2018. These controllers have gained popularity due to their low cost and compatibility with lithium batteries. 

Available in 10 configurations, they offer current ratings from 10 to 40A and can handle battery voltages from 12V to 48V. Notably, the 30A and 40A models support input voltages up to 150V.

Renogy Rover

Established in the U.S. in 2014, Renogy has become a favored brand for its affordable and user-friendly products. The Rover series is a feature-rich MPPT controller with an integrated display and optional Bluetooth connectivity. 

Although the output is limited to 20A, the controller offers decent build quality. However, there’s room for improvement in areas like cable terminals.

Morningstar Prostar MPPT

With 25 years of experience, U.S.-based Morningstar is renowned for its high-quality, durable solar charge controllers. Their Prostar series comes in 25A and 40A versions, each with a 120V input limit. 

Known for rapid MPP tracking using their Trakstar technology, these units also feature generously sized terminals and a clear, backlit LCD display. The high cost, however, might make it less accessible for some users.

In summary, these six models offer various features and capacities to meet different needs, from simple setups to more advanced solar energy systems.

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